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Updated June 15

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Welcome back from all of us at IGH Parks & Recreation! We know the past several months have not been easy and have presented our families, our neighboring communities and our city with unprecedented events and challenges. We want to thank each of you for your patience, understanding and cooperation.

Our staff is looking forward to new programming and to putting some FUN back into our community’s daily routine. 

New Safety measures in place

Enclosed in this revised brochure, you will find many programs that have been altered to fit new Minnesota’s safety guidelines around COVID-19. Although some things have changed due to around COVID-19, we think you will find programs and activities to be excited about in this REVISED summer brochure for July and August 2020.

Spots are limited - make sure to register NOW to save your spot!

We are so excited to bring our community some of our great summer programming in safe, new ways, and we look forward to spending time with you this summer! 💙

The following programs have been cancelled due to restrictions we were unable to accommodate:

  • Kids ROCK
  • Penny Carnival 
  • Half Pint Safety Camp
  • Youth Track
  • Safety Camp
  • Horse Camp
  • Water Park Field Trip 
  • Junior Lifeguard Camp