Curbside Recycling


There are currently seven specific materials that may be recycled at the curb in Inver Grove Heights. These items are listed below, along with tips to help you recycle these items correctly.

Magazines & Catalogs

  • All shiny magazines and catalogs

Corrugated Cardboard

  • Cardboard must be broken down into 3 x 3 bundles and tied
  • Keep corrugated cardboard separate from other materials
  • No waxy or glossy cardboard, pizza boxes, or 12/24 pack boxes


  • Food and beverage cans are acceptable
  • Cans made from aluminum, tin, or bimetal are good
  • Cans should be rinsed clean, there is no need to remove labels

Glass Bottles & Jars

  • Food and beverage bottles and jars only
  • Clear, green, and brown glass is accepted
  • Bottles and jars should be rinsed clean and have caps, lids and rings removed
  • No drinking glasses, ceramics, window glass, glass cookware, or glass mirrors


  • Include the advertisements that come with the paper

Plastic Bottles With a Neck

  • Pop, milk, ketchup, cooking oil and laundry soap bottles are examples
  • Rinse clean and throw away the caps, pumps, and rings
  • No plastic tubs, ice cream pales, or plastic bags

Mixed Mail

  • Envelopes, bills, letters and junk mail
  • No foil lined envelopes or cards

Contact Info

Please contact your 2016 licensed trash collectors for specific curbside collection information.