Annual Clean Up Day

Save the Date! Annual Clean-Up Day - Saturday, September 23, 2017 (8:00 a.m. - 12 noon)

Residents of the City of Inver Grove Heights, West St. Paul, and Sunfish Lake are invited to dispose of unwanted items at our annual Clean-Up Day. The event is scheduled for Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 8:00 a.m. – 12 noon and will be located at the Inver Grove Heights Public Works Maintenance Facility, 8168 Barbara Ave. The City is dedicated to offering more recycling opportunities at our event. We appreciate and encourage your participation in these recycling efforts! View the site map here

Please note the following

  • There will be no Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection. For HHW disposal, visit the Recycling Zone at 3365 Dodd Road in Eagan or contact them at (651) 905-4520. 
  • Proof of residency, such as a driver’s license, is required.
  • Cash and checks only, please bring small bills.
  • Paper shredding will only be offered at the City Hall parking lot. Residents who wish to have paper shredded will first enter the City Hall parking lot. From there, residents have the option to exit the City's property, or enter the line for the Public Works parking lot to dispose of additional items. The site map can be viewed here.
  • If you are unable to attend, visit these resources:
    • Paper shredding: Dakota County Green Guide lists nearby paper shredding events. Please verify the event is open to Dakota County residents. 
    • Other household items: The Recycling Zone (3365 Dodd Road, Eagan) may accept the item you wish to dispose of. To verify, visit their website or contact them at (651) 905-4520. 

Accepted Items and descriptions

(* indicates items are recycled by our vendors)

  • Appliances*: Small (microwave, toaster, hair dryer, etc.) and large appliances (air conditioner, washer/dryer, stove, etc.)
  • Batteries*: Any type or size accepted. Alkaline (AA, AAA, etc.), cell phone batteries, computer batteries, car/truck batteries, etc. 
  • Bicycles and Parts*: Any type or size accepted. Our vendor will collect refurbishable bikes and bike parts to refurbish and donate to local organizations/charities. Any non-refurbishable bikes and bike parts will be recycled with scrap metal.
  • Construction Debris: Lumber, shingles, plastic pipes, etc.
  • Carpet and carpet padding*: Dry, rolled, and securely tied with no nails/staples/tack strips/etc. preferred for recycling. Urethane foam accepted. 
  • Electronics*: TVs, printers, computers, monitors, cell phones, keyboards, etc.
  • Furniture*: Gently used furniture will be donated or recycled. Furniture that cannot be recycled or reused will be put into the landfill.
  • Gas powered items*: All liquids must be drained.
  • LP Tanks*: All liquids must be drained.
  • Light Bulbs: Any type or size accepted.
  • Mattresses and box springs*
  • Plastics - large items
  • Scrap metal*
  • Paper shredding*: On-site and drop-off shredding will be offered at the City Hall parking lot only. Both vendors are AAA NAID certified and all employees are background checked. All three ring binders, hard cover book backs, and foreign objects must be removed from your box of paper before shredding. 
    • On-site shredding: Residents can watch their paper be shredded on-site. The shredded paper will be securely transported off-site and recycled.
    • Drop-off shredding: Residents can drop off documents to be shredded off-site. This non-profit takes all documents off-site in secured bins within a secured vehicle. At their site they will shred the paper, bale it, and recycled it into tissue paper.  After the documents are shredded a certificate of destruction will be made available on our website and at City Hall. 
  • Clothing Donation*: Gently used clothing will be donated to a local charity.
  • Tires: Car, truck, bike, etc.
  • Tire rims*  

Interested in Volunteering?

The City is seeking additional help with unloading fellow residents' cars, directing traffic, and breaking down boxes. If interested, email Diane Erickson or call (651) 208-4840. Your help is greatly appreciated!


Email Allan Hunting or call (651) 450-2554.

Below are examples of accepted items and their prices at this year's event:

Appliances - Large                        
(Floor/Wall units)            
Price per Item
Air Conditioner $10
Dryer $10
Freezer $10
Furnace $10
Mini-Fridge/Freezer $10
Oven $10
Refrigerator $10
Stove $10
Washer $10
Water Softener $10
Appliances - Small                       
(Counter Units)
Price per Item
Blender $5
Coffee Maker $5
Griddle $5
Hair Dryer $5
Iron $5
Lamp $5
Microwave $5
Power Tool $5
Toaster $5
Vacuum Cleaner $5
 Carpet                                             Price per item
Carpet Roll $8/roll
Construction Debris                                                          Price per Item
Ballast $1
Insulation $8/one pickup truck load
Light bulbs - Any type or size $1
Lumber $8/one pickup truck load
Clothing Donation                           Price per Item
Clothing - Any size   
(gently used preferred)
Electronics                                             Price per Item
Batteries - Alkaline (AA, AAA, etc.) $0.50/per pound
Batteries - (excluding Alkaline) $2
Cell Phone Free
Computer $15
I-Pad/Tablets $15
Mice, Keyboard Free
Monitor $20
Printer $20
Radio $5
Speaker $5
Television - Any type or size $20
VCR/DVD Player $15
Wall/Desk Phone $3
Furniture/Furnishings                     Price per Item
Book Shelf $3
Box Spring (each) $15
Chair $3
Chest of Drawers $3
Coffee Table $3
Mattress (each) $15
Sideboard $3
Sofa/Loveseat $3
Table $3
Miscellaneous Yard/Outdoor          Price per Item
Bicycles Free
Garden Hose $5
Gnomes, etc $5
Grill $5
Kennel $5
LP Tanks - Any size $5
Plastic Bin $5
Motorized Vehicle/Parts                   Price per Item
Batteries (each) - Any type or size  $2
Lawn Mower $15
Snow Blower $15
Tires - Car $5
Tires - Truck $8
Tire Rims - Any size $2
Paper Shredding Price per Item
Paper Shredding (On-site & Drop-off) Free
Scrap Metal                                       Price per Item
Dolly/Cart $1
Lawn Furniture $1
Metal Shelf $1
Pipe $1
Vent Cover $1
Wellbarrow $1

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