Campaign Sign Requirements

Sign Regulations

Minnesota State Statutes
and the Inver Grove Heights City Code regulate the placement of
campaign signs.  Here is a short summary of these regulations:

·         No signs shall be placed without the permission of the property owner.

·         No signs shall be placed in the public rights-of-way

·         No signs should interfere with official signs and traffic control devices.

·         Minnesota State Statute 211B.045 states the signs may be posted from June 24, 2016, until ten days after the state general election (November 18 2016), and exempts non-commercial signs from any restriction to the size or number during that time. 

·         No sign shall be located in such a manner as to impede the view at intersections.

·         No sign shall be attached upon trees, rocks, or power poles.

Refer to city ordinances and this letter from MnDOT for full details.

Candidacy Filing Information

Please contact the City Clerk’s office at 651-450-2513 with any questions.