Housing Committee

About the Housing Committee

The Housing Committee is a five-member citizen committee appointed by the City Council to review housing issues relative to the city’s housing action plan report and recommendation covering such topics as:
  • Housing education
  • Senior housing
  • Affordable housing
Meetings are held the fourth Tuesday of January, March, May, September and November at 5 pm at City Hall.
The Housing Committee also holds work sessions on the fourth Tuesday of February, April, June and October at 5 pm at City Hall.


Name First Term Term Expiration
Matt Schaefer 5/15 2020
Jeanne Zimmer 5/16 2019
Paul Mandell 2/11 2020
Mary T'Kach, Chair 2/11 2020
James Zentner 2/11 2019

Members are appointed for three-year terms expiring May 23 of that year.

Download the Housing Action Plan Report.