Parks and Trail Projects/Construction

Information on Rich Valley Regional Greenway

Dakota County is planning for a Rich Valley Regional Greenway which will be a County trail project. The Rich Valley Regional Greenway Master Plan has not yet been adopted but residents can log into the following website to learn more and comment.

Information on the Mendota Lebanon Regional Greenway

Dakota County is planning for a Mendota Lebanon Regional Greenway which will be a County trail project.  The Mendota Lebanon Regional Greenway Master Plan has been adopted and can be viewed here

Seidl’s Lake Park

Two slides were removed on May 31, 2018 due to safety issues. Due to the age of the overall equipment, the slide openings have been barricaded and will not be replaced at this time. 

Heritage Village Park-Dog Park

The City is working with WSB Inc. on plans and specifications for improvements to Heritage Village Park that will include a dog park. Improvements will include a parking lot, fencing, and security lighting. The City hopes to hire a contractor by the end of July so construction can begin in Augustand be completed by October/November, 2018. Once completed, the park will be open to the publicand annual passes will be sold at the Parks and Recreation Office to help offset the cost to operate the park. A group of volunteers known as “Friends of the IGH Dog Park” are working to enhance the dog park by raising dontations for benches, tsbles, and shelters and will provide operational support at the dog park by organizing clean up days and special events along with  Parks and Recreation Staff. If you want to become involved with the volunteer group, please send an email to Click on the PDF here to view the Master Plan.

Northwest Area Park Planning

The city is actively looking to purchase 5-10 acres of land for a park south of 70th and west of Highway 3.  More information will be made available as progress is made toward land acquisition. Click here to click for details.

Rich Valley Tennis Court

The City awarded a contract to Lavine Construction in the amount of $76,450 on May 29 and the contractor has until September 1,2018 to complete the project. A copy of the site plan can be found here. The new court will have 10’ backstop fencing and 4’ side fencing and will be striped for both tennis (white) and pickleball (yellow). The new court will also have a product called “pro bounce” that will help prevent cracking of the playing surface. 

North & South Valley Park Master Plan

The City is working to updated the Master Plan for North & South Valley Parks.  The draft copy of the plan can be viewed by clicking here

New Dakota County Pine Bend Bluffs Trailhead Opens

The Mississippi River Trail has a new trailhead: Pine Bend Bluffs Trailhead.  The trailhead and building are located on the southern portion of the Mississippi River trail at the intersection of Courthouse Blvd and 111th St. E in Inver Grove Heights.

Amenities include:...
+Parking for 15 vehicles🚗
+Access to the Mississippi River Trail🚵‍♀️🚶‍♂️
+Restroom building with drinking fountain🚻🚰
+Bike repair station🚲
+Picnic tables and benches🥪
+Interpretation and wayfinding🗺️
+Stunning views of the Pine Bend Bluffs Scientific and Natural Area (SNA) and the Mississippi River.🦋🦅🛶🚤

The trail and trailhead are open daily 5 AM-10 PM.
The restroom building is open 8 AM-10 PM to begin, then 5 AM-10 PM later this spring; restrooms have an electronic locking system and will automatically open and close daily.

Information on any of these projects can be directed towards Eric Carlson, Parks and Recreation Director, at 651-450-2587 or email