In the 2017 Legislation session, a new statute in Minnesota chapter 415 was created the requires certain types of notice for many proposed ordinances or proposed amendment to ordinances.   Only interim ordinances have been exempted from this notice requirement.  Therefore, the City of Inver Grove Heights will use this page as the place to post the proposed ordinance.  

 The City will also notify by:

  • Providing email notification of the proposed ordinances.  If you're interested, you may sign up for ordinance notifications.
  • Posting the ordinance on this page.
  • Having available upon request the proposed ordinance at the front counter. 

There are three readings that are required for an ordinance approval unless the Council determines that the ordinance can be accepted in one reading. Public hearing notices are published in the Southwest Review the Sunday before the City Council meeting.  

Please note that failure to provide a notice does not invalidate the adoption or amended ordinance. 

Summary of Ordinances  

Consider Second Reading of Ordinances Amending City Code 5-5-6, 5-5-12, and 5-9-2 Concerning Nuisance Noise, Creation of a new Chapter 14 to Title 4 Creating a Permit for a Large Assembly, and Creation of a New Chapter 15 to Title 4 Concerning Excessive Consumption of City Services

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on Monday, February 11, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Inver Grove Heights City Hall, 8150 Barbara Avenue, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, the Inver Grove Heights City Council will consider the second reading of the proposed Ordinance Amending Inver Grove Heights City Code Amending 5-5-6, 5-5-12 and 5-9-2 concerning nuisances noise and creation of a new chapter 14 to Title 4 creating a Permit for Large Assembly and creating a new chapter 15 to Title 4 concerning excessive consumption of City Services. The proposed Ordinance would allow the following:

1) Nuisance Noise: The proposed ordinance intends to better define what is considered
nuisance noise. Adoption of more clearly defined language provides Police a clearer
determination of violation of this section when responding to calls for service.

2) Large Assembly: The proposed ordinance creates a permit for a large assembly. For
the purpose of this ordinance, large assembly would be considered an assembly of 200
or more persons on public or private property and/or a “reasonably anticipated
assembly” of 50 or more persons on private property IF the property is leased, rented,
bartered or promoted specifically for the event. The permit is administrative in nature
and collects a volume of information needed to ensure the public health, safety and
welfare are protected. Based on the information submitted, the permit may or may not
be approved depending on the ability to reasonably protect the public health, safety and
welfare. This ordinance and administrative permit process would provide the City an
ability to safety accommodate events that would not otherwise be allowed per City Code.

3) Excessive Consumption: The proposed ordinance aims to impose and collect the
costs associated with excessive consumption of City inspection and law enforcement
services for violations of City Code that are over and above the cost of providing normal
inspection and law enforcement services. Costs would be recovered if more than four
inspections are generated to the same address within a continuous 12-month period and
after four or more verified incidents of nuisance enforcement services. The proposed
ordinance provides for notice prior to incurring excessive consumption costs and an
appeals process for the imposition of these fees. Excessive consumption costs would
be certified to the property tax and the amounts established by City Council resolution.
This ordinance is not anticipated to be utilized often but does provide City staff greater
leverage in gaining compliance with property owners of certain problem properties.

Written and oral comments will be accepted from now until the third reading on February 25, 2019 . If you wish to provide comments in advance of the Meeting, you may send them to the City Clerk at mtesser@invergroveheights.org.

Issuance of On-Sale Brew Pub Liquor Licenses, Sunday On-Sale Brew Pub Liquor License and Off-Sale Brew Pub Malt Liquor

The Inver Grove Heights City Council is considering an ordinance amendment to allow the following:

• Allows a brew pub to obtain an on-sale intoxicating liquor license for the restaurant within the brew pub.

• Allows a brew pub to obtain a Sunday on-sale intoxicating liquor license for the restaurant within the brew pub.

• Allows a brew pub to obtain an off-sale brew pub malt liquor license which would permit only the off-sale of malt liquor produced and packaged on the licensed premises.

On-Sale Brew Pub, Sunday On-Sale and Off-Sale Brew Pub Malt Liquor

Expansion of the Air Space of an Existing Pine Bend Landfill

The Inver Grove Heights City Council is considering an ordinance amendment to allow a side slope capacity expansion of the pine bend landfill as a conditional use permit in the integrated resource management overlay district.  

Expansion of Air Space Ordinance Amendment

Transient Lodging in Dwelling Units (Short Term Rentals)

The Inver Grove Heights City Council is considering an ordinance amendment to allow transient lodging out of residential homes by interim use permit. The complete ordinance can be viewed at the Inver Grove Heights City Hall receptionist's desk during normal business hours.

The City Council will discuss the ordinance on January 28, 2019, at Inver Grove Heights City Hall, 8150 Barbara Avenue. Any revisions of the proposed ordinance will appear on City Council agenda packets posted on the City website.  

IUP Ordinance Amendment

Any revisions of the proposed ordinance will appear on the City Council agenda packets for the second and third reading.  The Agenda packets are posted on the City's Website.