Plastic Bag Collections

Community Plastic Bag Collection

Plastic bags can be recycled, but not in your home recycling cart. Instead, drop-off your plastic bags at a specialty collection bin. Permanent plastic bag drop-off locations exist within the City of Inver Grove Heights and other neighboring communities. For a list of locations, visit the Green Guide at and search plastic bags and stretchy film.

Plastic Bag Collection Challenge

Our 6-month plastic bag collection challenge ended in May 2019. With your help, the City collected approximately 1,450 pounds of plastic bags and film to recycle! Trex Inc. will use your bags to make composite wood, made from a blend of 95 percent recycled wood and plastic film. For our collection efforts the City will be award with a community bench made by Trex Inc. This will be located in the Veterans Memorial Community Center, 8055 Barbara in August 2019. 


Please contact Ally Hillstrom at 651-604-8511.