Transparency Center

The Transparency Center will include publication of the Department's policy manual, the City's Emergency Operations Plan (excluding security sensitive information), a summary of Community Safety Survey Results, and the roster of all police department personnel, including name, badge number, email address and voicemail extension.

Annual Report

Annual Report

Department Policies


Community Safety Survey Results

The department launched the First Annual Community Safety Survey in December 2017.  The survey was open from December 14, 2017 through January12, 2018 and it was open to the public and was publicized on social media and the City's website.  The online survey was anonymous and intended to collect information and allow analysis of community feedback about crime, traffic, and quality-of-life issues.  The 39-question survey received over 450 responses.  

Survey Summary Quantitative

Community Crime Map

The Inver Grove Heights Police Department has teamed up with Lexis Nexis to provide Regional Data Sharing. The Community Crime Map is an interactive web based crime mapping program that allows citizens to stay informed about crime in Inver Grove Heights. The default setting is for 2 weeks from today’s date, if you wish to see back in time you can adjust the date range. The information that is supplied is considered public data and therefore is limited in nature to include the crime type, location, call time, and case number. If you wish to receive any type of e-mail alert you will need to log in. There are also free apps available for both Apple and Android devices. Now anyone wanting to know what the police car was doing on their street might be able to find out, provided a police report was generated and was an allowed crime type.

Click here for The Community Crime Map

Uniform Crime Report Statistics 

Uniform Crime Report (UCR) consists of crime reports and call for service data reported to the FBI.  The report provides an array of data, including a year-over-year comparison.

 Weekly Statistical Report

This weekly report provides an overview of department activity, including: an arrest overview by gender, race, and adult/juvenile status, patrol hours scheduled, and select offense or call for service activity.

This data is used by the department to analyze departmental activity and assess effectiveness. The data presented here has not been subjected to filtering or analysis. It is presented here to provide an overview. Caution should be used in drawing conclusions without a full analysis of the data.

Weekly Reports

  1. IGH Statistical Data 3-25-2018 through 4-1-2018
  2. IGH Statistical Data 4-2-2018 through 4-8-2018
  3. IGH Statistical Data 4-9-2018 through 4-15-2018
  4. IGH Statistical Data 4-16-2018 through 4-22-2018
  5. IGH Statistical Data 4-23-2018 through 4-29-2018
  6. IGH Statistical Data 4-30-2018 through 5-6-2018
  7. IGH Statistical Data 5-7-2018 through 5-13-2018
  8. IGH Statistical Data 5-14-2018 through 5-20-2018
  9. IGH Statistical Data 5-21-2018 through 5-27-2018
  10. IGH Statistical Data 5-28-2018 through 6-3-2018
  11. IGH Statistical Data 6-4-2018 through 6-10-2018
  12. IGH Statistical Data 6-11-2018 through 6-17-2018
  13. IGH Statistical Data 6-18-2018 through 6-24-2018
  14. IGH Statistical Data 6-25-2018 through 7-1-2018
  15. IGH Statistical Data 7-2-2018 through 7-8-2018
  16. IGH Statistical Data 7-9-2018 through 7-15-2018
  17. IGH Statistical Data 7-16-2018 Through 7-22-2018
  18. IGH Statistical Data 7-23-2018 through 7-29-2018
  19. IGH Statistical Data 7-30-2018 through 8-5-2018
  20. IGH Statistical Data 8-6-2018 through 8-12-2018
  21. IGH Statistical Data 8-13-2018 through 8-19-2018
  22. IGH Statistical Data 8-20-2018 through 8-26-2018
  23. IGH Statistical Data 8-27-2018 through 9-2-2018
  24. IGH Statistical Data 9-3-2018 through 9-9-2018
  25. IGH Statistical Data 9-10-2018 through 9-16-2018
  26. IGH Statistical Data 9-17-2018 through 9-23-2018
  27. IGH Statistical Data 9-24-2018 through 9-30-2018
  28. IGH Statistical Data 10-1-2018 through 10-7-2018
  29. IGH Statistical Data 10-8-2018 through 10-14-2018
  30. IGH Statistical Data 10-15-2018 through 10-21-2018
  31. IGH Statistical Data 10-22-2018 through 10-28-2018
  32. IGH Statistical Data 10-29-2018 through 11-4-2018
  33. IGH Statistical Data 11-5-2018 through 11-11-2018
  34. IGH Statistical Data 11-12-2018 through 11-18-2018
  35. IGH Statistical Data 11-19-2018 through 11-25-2018
  36. IGH Statistical Data 11-26-2018 through 12-2-2018
  37. IGH Statistical Data 12-3-2018 through 12-9-2018