Annual Clean Up Day

Thank you for participating in our 2018 Annual Clean Up Day!

With help from you and our recycling vendors, our community kept more than 34 tons of recyclable or reusable material out the landfill! Each recyclable item collected will be broken down by the vendors into recyclable materials such as wood, metal, and textiles.

Unable to Attend?

Please visit our Green Guide to learn how to dispose of unwanted items any time of the year. You can also mark your calendars for our next Annual Clean Up Day, which will be held September 2019.

2018 Clean Up Day Collection Results!

So far we have received the following collection results from our recycling vendors! The following items will be processed as described below:

  • 13,690 pounds of appliances were collected. All metal will be separated and recycled by our vendor.
  • 1,295 pounds of bicycles will be refurbished into reusable bikes or recycled into scrap metal!
  • 710 pounds of carpet will be to be recycled into new carpet, plastic drainage pipes, acoustic matting, concrete filler, oil absorbent material, road underlayment, landscaping materials, and energy substitutes for natural gas and coal!
  • 310 pounds of clothing, textiles, and shoes will be donated or recycled in commercial and industrial clothes, furniture stuffing, insulation, carpet padding and more! 
  • 9,580 pounds of electronics were collected. All metal and other recyclable materials will be separated and recycled by our vendor.
  • 72 fluorescent light bulbs were collected. All glass and metal will be separated and recycled by our vendor.
  • 13,020 pounds of furniture will be donated or recycled into plywood, fiberboard, dog beds, and more!
  • 119 mattresses will be recycled into raw steel, carpet padding, animal bedding, biomass fuel, and more! 
  • 15,700 pounds of scrap metal will be recycled into metal or new products.
  • 9,800 pounds of shredded paper will be recycled into tissue paper, napkins, toilet paper, and more!
  • 8,400 pounds of tires will be shredded and reused in playgrounds, road construction, rubber mats, and more!

2018 Accepted Items and Prices

A list of accepted items and prices from our 2018 Annual Clean Up Day can be viewed and downloaded here.

Questions or Interested in Volunteering?

Email Ally Hillstrom or call (651) 604-8511

More Information!

To learn more about our Clean Up Day event, check out the video below recorded by Insight 7!