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Franchise Fees



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Safe Swap

2017 Weight Restrictions

City Employees Driving Safety

Storm Water Utility Fees

Job Opportunities
Find out what jobs are available in the city.

Volunteer Opportunities

Urban Chicken

Find information about recycling in Inver Grove Heights.

Animal Control
See information regarding animal control and licensing requirements for your pets.

Utility Services
Find out what utility service companies are in the area.

Storm Water Prevention Program
Read more about the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Program.

City Sewer & Water
Get more information on the city's water and sanitary sewer systems.

Neighborhood Watch

Find out more about the school districts and higher education options are available in Inver Grove Heights.

Airport Noise
Find out where you can address concerns and complaints about airport noise.

Property Maintenance

INSIGHTS Newsletter

Prescription Drug Drop-Off

Poverty in Dakota County